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Comment by jude on “a quilt as a learning curve”

i use kantha rather loosely, associating it with the coarse running stitch used in kantha embroid...

Comment by jude on “contact”

sara, i opted for no batting here, originally because of the weight issue created by the linen, i...

Comment by helle Jorgensen on “quilting on the darkside”

The texture of the kantha style quilting is lovely, as is the graphic quality of the black and wh...

Comment by Phyllis on “quilting noise”

Years ago at a quilt show a man at one of the booths was selling silk quilt batting. He had samp...

Comment by grace Forrest Maestas on “evidence of a change in weather in december”

just love the drape of his cloak lingering behind in the snow and oh blessed Kantha, yes. the he...
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If the path before you is clear,

you are probably on

someone else's.

-Carl Jung