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Comment by Dana Webb on “Birth”

I always find it amazing how you casually (it seems) come up with some little detail or theme and...

Comment by coco huin on “The Snow Globe Effect”

A SENSE of Purity! I relay love the Snow Globe effect! It is a delicacy for my soul . Dear Jude i...

Comment by Cathie on “Birth”

Happy New Year “Snow Globe Lady!”❄️

Comment by Pam S. on “The Snow Globe Effect”

Oooh! I love your snow globe stitching! It brings it all together.

Comment by Beth from Still Life Pond on “Storm Watch”

Yes. And now suddenly I can't not see the wind there. We were in a beautiful snow globe kind of s...

If the path before you is clear,

you are probably on

someone else's.

-Carl Jung