Seasonal evolution Keeping Track

of  Wanderings...

Since the Internet is such a crazy scene, folks coming and going, this place is always under seasonal review and is ever changing... if you find any broken links, let me know and I'll try to mend them.

Exot Blue on Instagram

You probably know my partnership with  Nemo ( my brother) and Julio ( his husband) , we work together for the ThreadCrumbs shop.

They also do their own thing on the craft show circuit.   They are now on Instagram HERE.


Helping Others

Nancy zeller

Nancy Zeller. Amazing devotion to helping. And it's been hard.

Her project Rwanda one4one is now linked to Global Giving.

I try to support when I can.  We're rolling!

( She's also listed under trusted suppliers- Long Ridge Farm)


To hold her here.


Just move with the spirit.