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You probably know my partnership with  Nemo ( my brother) and Julio ( his husband) , we work together for the ThreadCrumbs shop.

They also do their own thing on the craft show circuit.   They are now on Instagram HERE.


Old Cloth

Old indigo

You, well most of you know how important the nature of a cloth is to me.  The  weave, the  weight, the feel of it. It's history.   Spirit Cloth is as much about the materials as is is the story I make with them.  I have spent a lifetime rescuing cloth.  A lifetime giving it new life.

Do you know "crazy" Richard?  You might know him through Glennis for his insane  mandalas.  He lives in Japan.  He is right there and he rescues cloth.  He knows cloth.  Beautiful cloth shows up in his Etsy shop.  The indigo above just showed up at my doorstep.  Indigo. Old. Soft. Usable.  Better than new.  Just exquisite. 

And if you like to dye silk. This stuff is great. Great fair prices and he is there. Right there in the land of old cloth.  Richard can work with you.  I call Richard crazy because of his energy.  But really  what's crazy is to buy new cloth when there is such beautiful old cloth in need of a home. 

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(I am rebuilding a Resource list. (sidebar as Trusted Resources) I just added Richard.  I will be reviewing and adding others. If you feel you should be on this list, email me.


Gennis Dolce

Glennis dolce

Published HERE.

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Exot Blue

Midnight harvest
Exot Blue on Etsy.  My brother and his partner.  Beautiful hand dyed silks and linens and things and wonderful things from Elsewhere as well.