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The 70273 Project

Jeanne Idle hands?  Jeanne Hewell-Chambers has this wonderful project going, and it is not too late to join.

I've placed this link in the side bar under Commemorate.

Some worthwhile mark making, yes.


Ever since Hazel (aka Cindy ) took one of my classes, I knew story cloth was in her future.

Her little stitched cloths are delightful.


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Kathryn Clark

Kathryn clark

Alway loved this work,. How it is a record. Like a quilt often is.  Story Cloth

Kathryn Clark.

Check out the Foreclosure Series.

Her link has been added to the sidebar under Record.

Lynda Merry

Lynda  has been documenting street people in her story cloth.   I like to think of the quilt as a documentary.   I love this one.  The Dancer.  Street people by lynda merry

This piece is a wonderfully simple and honest piece of folk art.