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Nest of Days Goes as the Season

Outside. The ceremony I began so long ago. I hope that link worked. Things are wacky here.


Another kind of wall

Nest of days outside

I took the Nest Of Days cloth outside yesterday. For a snow wash and a lot of fresh air. I started it back at the other place and I wanted it to be part of here. 

This morning, 8 degrees, feels like -10. The earth is sleeping now. In its nest of days. And it looks like bigger snow and cold are coming soon. Going to stock up on food and settle in. 

I cannot post my audio or video or get much of anything to work consistently here. It's time to go. That is more easily said than done but I have begun the journey and I will Just Go. This place will be here for a while. I will disable comments which don't work for a lot of folks anyway. Maybe a few photos now and then. But the daily journey with cloth has officially moved to the Blog/Journal segment of Feel Free. Because I would like to continue, at least for now. You can remain subscribed here for the occasional LifeNote or not.  You can subscribe by email in the sidebar of Feel Free if you want to follow my creative journey in detail. Or if just pics are your thing, I will be on Instagram as well.

I will duplicate parts of this post over there and do a bit of talking, later today. Love you all, it's been swell here. Let's hope it will be "swell-er" over there.

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If the path before you is clear,

you are probably on

someone else's.

-Carl Jung