12 - UnCertainty

March 9, 2012

On this day

Yesterday there was a big wind and my thoughts were tossed.  Broken apart. 

Breaking things apart is not losing them,  there is always a way back, a way to mend.  a  chance to remake self and thing into something stronger and thus more beautiful.

This morning , sunrise through a cat's ear...

Sunrise through a cat's ear


I sit quietly, still struggling with the direction for the Magic Feather Cloth.  Tossing ideas in my head.  It might be, that I always work in such a solitary place, and I am not used to so many voices in one cloth.   I am still listening.  Not everything worthwhile comes that easy.  I am aware that I am involved in too many things.  I just turned down a publishing offer and  the chance at a small local show.  Because it is all too big to hold.  I did promise to do an interview for a publication,  but I don't know.  I think quiet is more of a tool for me.  It is my food in a way.  I am not good at  a lot of what dealing with people involves.  Especially certain people who are interested "getting something" from me.  Talking to Myself.   With friends.  With Family.  Talking with Cloth.  This leads me to new Form.   Growth.   And there seems to be just enough of that right here.   How big does the circle need to be really?