125 - Journey

On this day

 August 25th 2014

The cloth we call Home. In August.

 August was a quiet month. But not an idle month.

The road home

I have said so much about this cloth.  Now it speaks on its own.  Carries the story.  I've been working on the edge.  Wrapping it in the darkness and lightness that might complete something.  Like a river of days.  Precious days. The magic of going.  It is going on so long I have renamed this stitch the Just Going stitch.

It has been a long journey.  Maybe the biggest  cloth journey I have ever experienced.  And I am out of words for now.  Just a few stitches left.  I follow its lead, giving it what it needs to hold together.  To last long.   And then.  The cloth might continue the story for me.  For us.  Travel far.  The children might add their stories.  Happinesses. Sadnesses.  Like we have ours. All it can hold.  It is a strong cloth.  It will hold back. It will endure.  Become full and carry the truth.  Share that.   And all will be well. 

We go