126 - Needing Tears

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Just Holding

September 5th 2014


Home in september

Home in september 3


I could sit and stare at a big cloth roll for hours.  How the far away places come together and touch in unexpected ways.  Home is under the needle still.  The challenge  of making a whole from such a puzzle was bigger than I imagined.  Yet, it holds together and has me reconsidering how that happens.  Why we think it might not.  The edge turned out to be a combination of approaches. No loyalty to any one of them. Just the hope for holding.   Ultimately I slipped into the blanket stitch, which like the safety pin, has deeper meaning.  Its history.  To hold an edge.

I am working hard in this month of September to finish this cloth and clear my mind of clutter that grew while I tried to clear my mind over the summer.  Too much thinking is also clutter if it isn't useful.  As I look out into the world I am saddened by lives made useless  by a clutter of  over thinking. Over believing.  Making all things true into false in the process.

I have one more water element to stitch on this one. Tears.


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