129 - Heart

On this day

October 3rd 2014

Getting through it.

Walking through

Sometimes when you look back on days they seem to make sense.  But when you are in them they don't. That is just the way it is. I think story is that, the sense of it all. All of a sudden pieces fit.  In a flurry they gather to say something. or they can be said.


Securing heartThe heart, where it started, is still a flap. I secured it with a safety pin for now.  Forever maybe.  It can be undone. Redone. It's a pocket.

Cutting through

I didn't know if I could do it, but I did.  I cut through and wove a nine patch in some black silk. A fragment from a scarf from  Grandma that she wore when she was mourning. Later she liked it because it warmed her to know it was OK. She told me that. I remembered. She gave it to me without telling me again. And now, like weaving does, it went through. This smokey black nine. Which has given darkness some natural order.

Darkness might balance lightness

It is very important. This bit of darkness.  It will help me complete something. This is when things happen fast.  Because it is right.

I have a lot to do today to catch up.   Somehow, in these crazy days it has become October and I hadn't even noticed.