131 - Spring Break

ON this day

April 1. 2015!

And what a fool I was to think Spring would never come.


April 1

It's been a hard winter. Maybe not just the weather. Maybe a little bit me. My own winter. A chill that ran through me. April marks a kind of renewed energy then... and a break from  small to something larger.  The Magic Feather Cloth needs to be Unrolled. Held. Set free.

It is hard to just say. Explain. Why I could not work on it these last months. All I can say is that I need to be in a very special state of openness. And it wasn't there.  And now it is.

April. A break then. From Small Journeys.  I will be sharing the final work on the cloth I call Home. Here. On the blog. It belongs to all of us. We the PieceMakers and Dreamers of hope and healing.