16 - Still Pondering

Finally on April 13th 2012

A Ring of feathers and a space.

On this day

Circle of feathers

and then finally...

April 20th 2012



How to gather the Magic Feathers together in some unified way has really been my dilemma.   I think that the circle is the best.  The Ring.   I have decided to use  Indigo sky cloth, dyed ala Glennis style, to act as a base .    And to leave  a space in the center for sitting or standing or simply gazing.    I haven't really chosen placement yet, this is just a cloth sketch to get an idea of how it will feel.   And stones.   I think there will be stones.     I just took a deep breath because this feels good.   Yes.

I have my cloth draft for Magic Feather cloth 1 pinned over another quilt,  just to expand it a bit so I can think out ward.  Nothing is actually placed yet for sure.  I am still dreaming.

I have pulled out another cloth sketch from a recent Diaries post. And I am looking at it as a possible layout.  It has rings over a nine patch.   And I like it.

I layered the photos.  I think I have a skeleton plan.  And now I can   create a base cloth, choose more feathers and think about what I need in terms of stones.