164- Become a vessel

 Be Useful

The Explainer, travels with the cloth we call Home.

Explaining as contianing

He is a pocket, a safe keeper, maybe for  questions or anything else that needs to rest. And he might be a traveling companion.

The explainer at home

Or he might stick close to Home.


On this day, then, I am done.  Shooting photos and preparing a site (this one) where the project might be reviewed in the order of days. Gathering the pieces of the long story has taken time. Longer than planned or imagined.

Now just getting ready to pack it up and let it go. Solstice falls on  Sunday. And so does Father's Day. And the same day is the day my mother died, already 2 years ago. How did that happen? 

Monday then.

I am truly exhausted, but in that good way. Like a long day in the garden.

Time for Curling...