17 - The Need for Stones

May 11th  2012

On this day


On this clear quiet day in May, after a bit of dream catching and life getting in the way,  I have begun the ground cloth for the first Magic Feather Cloth.   I have gathered some sky cloth, indigo, some dyed by Glennis, and some dyed by me, (after taking her class where she shared her secrets so freely).  I think it is a good start,  an open space based on sharing.    A combination of thin cotton and linen.  Soft and light.  Space . Place.  A new beginning.  A sense of Old Sky.

Room to fly

Anther round of gathering...

There are so many feathers, I think we have the makings of many cloths.  So I will just keep going until I use them up. To balance the lightness of  sky and feather, I will need some stones, as mentioned here.   I am looking for something tiny and simple. 

Holding a stone

There was an excitement when more contributions were mentioned. Everyone seemed in giving mode.