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The idea

The Magic Feather Project is all about giving.

On August 7 , 2011.  Yes, if you have been following along, it is hard to believe it was that long ago, I posted an idea for this project on my main blog, Spirit Cloth. The idea originated while I was sharing my thoughts in the Magic Diaries,  a long term teaching/sharing series which followed the making of one of my larger cloths.

Because blogs are sometimes hard to dig into and because mine is such a pot of soup, I  decided to create a new place, this place, where I might put things in order, make it a bit easier to understand all that has happened.  This way to follow is as much for me as it for anyone.  I have duplicated  related posts here  with links to their original source , since this all happened in the context of a life and this helps me understand the process that it holds.  I will continue to fill in the gaps with additional  unpublished notes and photos and hopefully it will end up to be a complete story of this amazing journey.  I am still in edit mode, but the basics are here.

The posts are a continuous stream from the start to finish.  They are also listed in the sidebar  in order  as a convenience.  For this is one long story.

I have added an Update tab up top to hold links to any  adventures the cloth's travels might reveal.


So this is what I said way back on that Summer's day in 2011:


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Some questions arose like they do as any Small Journey begins.

There were notes to self.

Notes 1


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( the free workshop mentioned in the audio can be accessed from the sidebar. I only hope the instructions will be used for generous purpose.)