7 - Tell the Children the Truth
9 - The Looking Ceremony

8 - Feather Collecting

So they gathered through the end of 2011.  The time passed with just the gathering.

And I put together a Flicker show to show them off.

On this day

January 1st 2012. 

Happy New Year.


There is now a link to the Flickr group up top. Each photo can be viewed separately and has a link to the page that  give information about the maker .  There were so many, the slide show  became an epic length.  You might browse either way.

There are also links to how the Feathers Flew in .  In the side bar by month.  Each photo can be clicked to enlarge.  Press the back button to close the large page and return to the collections.

A big thank you to all the PieceMakers.