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2 - The First 2 Feathers

 The call went out (actually a bit before the announcement on the blog) and on   this day   August 9, 2011...

A day of gifts  in many forms, the first two feathers....

First feathers

It was a kind of thrill really, having no idea how big this would all become.  The feathers and their little stories. In looking back I realize I made a big mistake by reducing the size of the photos.  Which made it impossible to  make them into a book.  But then maybe it was a way to keep it small, personal.  Not a business endeavor.

I feel good looking back, knowing it has been and always will be about the cloth, the gift, just that.

3 - Four

This day   August 10th  2011

Soon there were four.  But  one feather that just happened to be gifted to me as a thank you in general, well I decided to  use it as a good beginning.  Gifts are good beginnings.  And so this feather became #1. 

Reconsidering 1

We were off and running.


And the next day August 11th 2011, there were 8....


I began to feel the flow.  How much loving energy might be gathered in this process.  How one might be carried by that flow.  How a simple cloth might carry that message.

I sensed the excitement of others building.  This filled me.

Filled with excitement

4 - Feather Friday

This Day...

August 12th 2011

 Sharing ideas

I began opening my heart further, sharing ideas.  The feather workshop began. There is a link to this workshop in the sidebar.  It was meant to be a gift.  The kind that might inspire giving not taking.  Trusting in that.

Without a trace

Without having, proving,  standing taller...

Maybe as I look back, this was a foreshadowing.   The answer to some of my  big questions.  I know that now.

5 - A little story

On this day

August 17th 2011

Little story

The postman could not fit my mail in the box so he had to walk the 400 feet of dirt road to my front door.  With feathers... he wondered. I shared the story. He said, "It's OK, they are light as a feather."

6 - Something Bigger

On this day

August 24th 2011

One little thing can bring focus to chaos. Bring the present into the past or the other way around. Making things whole. Connecting the dots has more than one dimension. This is what  I was feeling on this morning.

A stack

Next to me, a stack of  107 feathers, amazing really. Many asked to contribute,  so I continued  collecting feathers through the end of the year, with more than one project in mind.   I had enough now to start thinking about how I might put them together..

And by September....

A lot of feathers