51 - Layers of Motion
53 - How it Might Seem

52 - Coming Together

April 19th 2013

On this day

There is truly significance for me,  for this project, in the bringing of all these pieces together.  The challenge  of making one piece, one peace, from the diversity in approach, highlighting the One-ness in intention.  And so blending  is  my focus.  But still honoring the individual  creativity of the maker.  

 This video was made during Spirit Cloth Diaries,  when I was planning the wings and the blending process....

Blending edges


alternative video link

There is such a journey ahead of me still.  UN-stitching the edges,  reweaving them into a web  with a bit of  my own techniques touching them all.  And another layer of feathers  to add in between things.  Weaving them in as well I think, where I can.    There are still so many feathers  here.

I once imagined,  that all these little feathers, might fly  in and  touch one another in some special way, with my help. And through some sort of sympathetic evolution,  would transform into some new vision   that might change the way we see one another.  Create a new sense of Home  for those among us that need shelter from the storm.