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57 - Home again

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 June 11th 2013


The eye shaped stone

I am back home again for a few days.  Life is a blur at the moment.  Trying to catch up on email, paperwork, chores etc.  I have settled into stitch  now  on the Magic Feather Cloth I call HOME.   It is time to  to secure everything   and stitch the detail  and let the story play out as it may.   And try to  imagine in it finished enough to give away. There is way more stitch  necessary than I imagined on this one, so time to ramp that up.  As always another layer of thought emerges during this process.   I so enjoy it.  Look at that Eye shaped stone.  This cloth is a comfort cloth.  I can rest in it.  It is even big enough to be wrapped in and still stitch on it.