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66 - Home as a way

On this day

Sept 21st 2013

To anything.

Home pointing

As a tree.  As a river. A mother.  A large cloth becomes a world.  I feel smaller when I sit with it. Yet safer.

Sitting yesterday, with some thoughts that often come quietly.  The enormity of this project,  How to get there.  Life, death,  change.  And now the cloth itself  has body.  It comes together but It is not easy. It is carrying me.  Through my own life issues.  As I transition  to a new place. Perhaps I am testing the cloth's power to heal, to hold, to  become a flight path.  To say it's OK.  I look and touch and sense  evidence of great goings. Flowings. Transformations. Shared.  The load lightened.

And it came back. The reassurance. That it is not about Art.  No, it is about  Heart.  She cut that string.  She did not fall.  What a relief.

TYiBO 2013.  j.a.h.