82 - Rocking
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83 - Home Diaries

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January 7th 2014

Early this morning I began stitching,  adding more basket rings.  Paths.  I leaned in and then leaned back to admire the nature of the stitch.  That which  simply connects  little pieces of cloth with its simple rocking motion.  Back and forth , one side to another. It's tendency to pull things together.  Just that.  I love what is happening now.  The going has become easier.  A natural order. Everything can be connected without worry.  

I think it is time to look at this story again.  To put it into some easier order.  Blogs are kind of backwards.  Hard to catch up if you just got here.  So shall I make it easier in some way?  Fill in the gaps?  I need to go back myself.  Gather thoughts.  Because it is all coming together.   There are pieces of this project scattered everywhere.  Because that is how it goes really.  Like a life, a cloth has one too.  There are notes and journals , rememberings, in betweens,  trials and errors,  losts and founds.

Shall I do a little HOME Diaries here?  Maybe I can coax the Man into a bit of video.  Ha! and he thought he was off the hook.  Not.  I think I will rearrange this room we are heating.  To accommodate  a large cloth and its expanding story. 


What connects us

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