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9 - The Looking Ceremony

On this day

January 27th 2012

A looking ceremony. There would end up being a lot of looking during this project.  Maybe I was a bit overwhelmed at this point.  So Many. How could I do this?

Begin by looking

The golden ones

And on Feb 4, still looking. Still asking the same question.


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I loved how the imagination of others was beginning to gather as well.  What could these feathers become? There was a feeling of sitting around a campfire sharing stories.  Taking turns growing into that.  Srory teller

I gathered great insight into the hearts of others I have never met. By imagining that.

What would this become?

 Mom.  She always said  "'ll come to you."

I waited.

10 - Grounding the Rings

February 4th 2102

This day

Magic on the ground

Today I am thinking about the beginnings of the Magic Feather Cloth. Cloths. I have looked at all the feathers. Now I look at what I have done this year. Finished and unfinished and I am focused on the ring. The circle. The nest. The safety in round.  So the Circle it is. At least in this, the year of the Ring

I had all my big cloths on the floor today.  Considered it the Grounding of the Rings. The sleeping loft is over an unheated room. The floor is cold in the winter months. I layer cloths one on top of the other. Walk barefoot. Feel the cloth under my feet.  When the quilts are rugs. I call them Quugs. I like that word. It seems ancient. QU-UG.

And so I have started to what-if. What if the first magic feather cloth could be a floor cloth. Something to sit on to walk on. To play on?  Curl up on? A magic carpet?   What if a big cloth could be a giant sand tray? A healing game. Big enough to be in?  Here we go.

Comforted on cloth

Since I have been piling the cloths on the floor, she (WAS) sleeps there. Often gathering the cloth into a ring around her.  She is a good assistant. She was homeless and hurting  somehow. I don't know everything about her, but I can tell when she feels safe. She helps me understand cloth as place.

Later, this would all be so right

Remembering back, I should have known...


 One of my first self portraits with cloth.  The scrap nest.

11 - Cloth as Place

This day

February 27th 2012

Place keeping.  A kind of ceremony.

A place for corn

I keep thinking about cloth as place.

I imagine it being happier as something useful.

I think of cloth as kind.

Nine places, some empty

Renewed thoughts of place as a type of safe keeper.

A place to gather fragments of self.

Put them in some natural order.

Play with them.

Imagine what they might become when they are ready.

12 - UnCertainty

March 9, 2012

On this day

Yesterday there was a big wind and my thoughts were tossed.  Broken apart. 

Breaking things apart is not losing them,  there is always a way back, a way to mend.  a  chance to remake self and thing into something stronger and thus more beautiful.

This morning , sunrise through a cat's ear...

Sunrise through a cat's ear


I sit quietly, still struggling with the direction for the Magic Feather Cloth.  Tossing ideas in my head.  It might be, that I always work in such a solitary place, and I am not used to so many voices in one cloth.   I am still listening.  Not everything worthwhile comes that easy.  I am aware that I am involved in too many things.  I just turned down a publishing offer and  the chance at a small local show.  Because it is all too big to hold.  I did promise to do an interview for a publication,  but I don't know.  I think quiet is more of a tool for me.  It is my food in a way.  I am not good at  a lot of what dealing with people involves.  Especially certain people who are interested "getting something" from me.  Talking to Myself.   With friends.  With Family.  Talking with Cloth.  This leads me to new Form.   Growth.   And there seems to be just enough of that right here.   How big does the circle need to be really?

13 - Certainty

March 11, 2102

On this day

Magic Cloth 2 ( another big cloth)  at sunrise.   Regardless of what time they say it is.   While I was sleeping, it became a place.  I always hope for  that in a cloth.  When something acquires a sense of place,  you can go there.


I wish this for the cloth being built from feathers.

This is my wish. A wish is based on dreaming I think. Sometimes Imagining is the first step in being sure.