63 - The ripple effect
65 - Purple

64 - Keeping things moving

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August 23rd 2013

I'm still working on the ripple effect.   Mending the design to form another underlying  layer of motion that spans  across from one area into another.  Like a bridge, but a river at the same time.  I mostly stitch on these as dark and light turn into each other.  At dawn. At dusk.  The quieter times in a day.

Sympathetic ripple effect

You may or may not remember the flight path , so let me use an old picture  from here.  To make it clearer in the scheme of things.  I have  made a little map on that old photo (before a lot of the stitching) ,  to show where this detail is happening

Motion map

 There are many kinds of motion (going)  in this cloth.  Spin, floating, reach, vision, flight, wind, gathering, holding... and the ripple effect, the flow,  which  will connect them all.   And can you see a basket?    At first I thought  of only the center  but I think the flight path  might find a new use, defining the circle of holding  in a bigger way.  Something OverFlowing.  So I am off to imagine that.  Dreaming is going too.

Sometimes it is good to stand back and look.