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88 - Meeting Places

On this day

 January 14th 2014

The soft Meeting place.

Days are still way short.  Rain. Dark. A Blur like winter  sometimes becomes.

A sense of space in place

I like the blur here.  I left some of the going  open without figure or feather.  Maybe Just Going.  There is a sense of  space that I felt, feel necessary.   Place holds you.  Space  lets you go.  Both hold a sense of well being.  I like that these bands of stitch, that imply basket,  hold the big  unstitched parts of the cloth together now.  And I can begin to remove the safety pins,  chosen over other types of basting . There was some symbolism in that.

I've placed them in a small basket here on the sidelines. Plans for them later.  They were place keepers for so long . I love them.

Meeting place

There is another corner of basket rings to do.  I do them in low light at night, a repetitive task. I enjoy seeing the texture emerge in the shadowy time.  But today I focused a bit on the meeting places.  Where Space meets Wing.  Letting the texture flow into the colored areas a bit I think.  Maybe weave it in and out.   To be imagined now and then. 

Seeing more

And  the beasts.  One so far.  More being doodled.  Maybe tomorrow.  Today eyes.  Letting the second one move away from the body.  Seeing  clearly is like that to me.   Bigger than self.  Able to see oneself.  Breaking through the boundaries, making one's own edge softer. I did a lot of Beast work on the Magic cloth that hangs here by my side. It will help me now.