67 - the Hoop
69 - Into blue

68 - Melting

On this day

September 29th 2013

I'm swimming in it.



and then again

October 11th 2103

So I have begun the other wing of color.  Today it is green.

Ring of green

The hoop has become like a temporary basket, to hold my intent and let me stay a while in each circle of holding, gathering.  As I work, it as if these gifts from the Piece-makers have flown in again and again, landing here in my lap.  It has to be everyday now, this cloth,  in my hands.  Every day.  To build  the spirit of a cloth it has to be right there. With you.  Today I send love and reassurance to Wendy's kids  who wait patiently for  the Magic Feather Cloth I call Home.