23 - The Quiet Beginning
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24 - Safety

June 12, 2012

On this day

Securing the space

After some time with a hand injury and limited sewing , the  first magic feather cloth, the one I call HOME, is once again on the table.  I usually do a stitched baste, but I am using safety pins this time.  I just like  the feel of innocence that safety pins have.  They remind me of my childhood.  A safety pin is a very beautifully simple functional thing that holds things together  for a while.   It feels good, this methodical pinning through the thin cloth into the soft flannel beneath.   Once it is all pin basted, I will begin to place feathers and stones.

I began thinking about filming my process on a regular basis, maybe making a film. But it couldn't happen.  So many life things  required me being elsewhere. And so it went on as the cloth being stitched as it could be stitched.