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92 - Spirit of the Wish

On this day

February 25th 2104

Toward the end of last Diary Series, I was focused on wishing stars. And I mentioned, perhaps, using the symbol to transform some of the magic feathers.  I went ahead and used a few  as centers for stars.  So I might use them to fill some empty sky spaces.  The feathers are like wishes really. 

I think they will fit well along the edge of the basket and help the Good Spirits (continued from HERE) tell their story.


Wishing star with feather

The idea

 In the Spirit of Good, a wish becomes simply a Good Idea.  A storyteller can keep a good idea alive. Encourage its becoming.

and continued here

February 26th 2104

Sort of

I placed a feather block on the corner and I am slowly making it into a star.  I think some points will escape over the edge.  Free.