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140 - A sense of Joy

On this day

April 11th 2015

A sense of Joy gone through it

A sense of  warmth today.

A sense of winter's  departure. A sense of spring's arrival. But more than that the sense that they are the same. A different face of how it might go.

The cloth is now in my lap. The table lays bare. I like looking at it like this.  The wholeness of the quiet room, just being quiet.  There is a sense of natural order that comes over me.  It might just be like this and bring me a sense of usefulness. This is what I thought today.


Joy burns through it

The magic beans stitched on the one side, easily melt through to the other. Or at least the sense of them.  The joy in them. I've taken care to let that happen, now that I know it can. Even though I could sew only through the top layer.  Again I enjoy how they might wander through without intention.  Even more so. Even more so.

I like that they seem to give the impression of appearing. Or disappearing. That either is ok. I like the feeling of traveling across both sides with out turning the cloth. Knowing that is happening.