99 - Cloth as place
101 - Inside Out

100 - Breath

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March 14th 2014

Something like holding breath.

RelaxedI  tend to treat quilting as a kind of surface management.  Even though its simple purpose is to connect layers.  Maybe more about quilting and layers  later.  But just to say that this picture shows how, after waiting a while, the cloth held by the river of stitch has relaxed .  Into the stitch.  The movement held still in such a soft way.  On this cloth we call HOME.


Held relaxed

And now in the hoop, it holds its own.  Like a living thing.  I am going to quilt the in between flat.  Today I look at this section.  So much space.  But filled really.   Space.  Full of space.

Studio in march

The cold has moved through. And even though a few warm days will bring another burst of cold, it won't be as cold. And even though there might be a bit of snow, it won't stay as long.  If it stays at all.  So, tomorrow I will open the studio. Clear all the junk we've been piling there while we have heated this one room for the winter.  Spring is about to take hold. I feel it. I feel grateful that it might be so close. And there is weave waiting to be considered.