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135 - Candy Land

On this day

April 6th 2015

Today will be warmer. Rain has waited till tomorrow.


The earthen side

Last night I turned the cloth.  This morning just looking.  Like some sort of Permaculture. All there underneath.  Waiting.  Supporting growth.  This is the earthen side.

Yesterday. It was Easter. I do not celebrate. But Mom did.  I was reminded of how she would line up jelly beans in the hallways while we slept.  Little candy breadcrumbs we could follow to find our Easter baskets.  She always told us the Easter Bunny must have dropped them on his way through  I smiled to myself and said maybe I should make a little holiday cloth. Stitch some jelly beans.   But I sat, lost in thought.  I thought about my Mom.  Who she was. What she gave me.  What she gave everyone.

Holidays were not rituals to her. Not banners of belief and doctrine. They did not include or exclude. They were for everyone within reach. They were a way, excuses really,  for her to return to a simpler time.  Childhood.  And share that. Give that back over and over. The love and the fun and the sense of simple joy and laughter.  And she did. Over and over. As long as she could.  I see it now as a reminder.  To push the pause button.  To get back.

And when I sat with the cloth this morning. With it's simpler side.  I saw them.  The stones that trace the rings of my basket-self.  The jelly beans. 

CandyLand was always my favorite game. 

I am going outside. For the day. To stick my hands in the dirt and let winter blow off me.  Ride my bike.