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133 - Clear

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 April 3rd 2015

Yesterday was Clear

Warm. That place between cold and hot.

Comfort.  Yesterday was that.


And the feeling of clearing space. It spread throughout the house.  Some local charity called and left a message. Do you have any clothing or household items you might spare?  I called back, yes. Yes, I have things.

Bowl  of safety

This is the beautiful bowl my son made.  It holds the safety pins that I have been removing from the feather cloth. The ones that have been replaced with stitch. I call him.  "Make another that I might send to Wendy's kids."  Send that one he said. It means more.

I have this idea that things might be pinned to the cloth, for safety.  Or pinned anywhere.  I like the idea of a safety pin.

Cloth on the table

That a large cloth might simply be a safe haven for smaller cloth.

A clear day seems a big day.  It opens.