104 - Without words
106 - Open air

105 - free falling

On this day

April 9th 21014

Fog has lifted.

I say it again.  A large cloth is like a world.


Becoming one another

Like a world, it's a place where evolution is a given. As things adjust to place. Adapt.

Suspended between selves

In this cloth that is like a world, things evolve.  Become. One thing becomes another without judgment.  Which is really a relief.

I am still working, missing my April 2 deadline. Which reminds me that they are useless. Dead Lines.  I am also thinking about patience.  How that has nothing to do with waiting really.  Waiting patiently.  No not waiting.  To be patient is being there for as long as it takes.  All the while, one thing is becoming another.

This is the cloth I call Home. I am being in it.