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93 - and thought I would finish

On this day in march

 March 1st 2014

Just a sense of something

March will bring other changes, hopefully, first off, a change of season, UnDoing this one room we are heating.  Then some things will become more, some less. But for sure,  I will just about finish this large cloth I call HOME.

Round and round

94- The Pocket again

Thoughts about safety on this day

March 2nd 2014

Throughout this project, the Magic Feather project, I keep reminding myself what an honor it is to  hold the wishes of others.  What a difficult thing it is to be a parent (or even a good friend)  then.  How frightening it is when you are unable to protect someone from  the awful moments when the simple path to becoming is lost.   How many  forms that takes, the holding.  How the many forms of holding might simply evolve from that caring.  How even letting go is a form of holding. How everything you do is meant to be that. Holding. How  you wish that to be True. Possible  .Acknowledged.

I will add some pockets to this cloth I call HOME.  So some of the feathers might remain free.  But have a place to come back to and hide.  Or at least be alone for a while.  To consider holding.  Being held.


Safe wishing


95 - a Little Green

On this day

March 7th 2104

It has been a while since I stood back. Hung it up.  This cloth I call HOME. Right now simply draped over the doors to the one cabinet in this one room we are heating for the winter.  Like a cloak it looks.


I completed the ring with green flames. The ring that circles the moon space with a slow and constant burning... So now, a little green.  A Sprouting . I couldn't find any outside. Green.  I know it is waiting beneath the long freeze.  This was for me.  And all those weathering a cold storm.  I am not alone I whispered to myself.

Green within reach

Season is the circle we all share. 

That might make it a way to know each other.

96 - hoops and things

On this day

March 9th 2104

I rarely use a hoop when I work. I never liked them much. So much so that I developed a lot of techniques that seemed to work around using one.  But this cloth is so intense, I enjoy the ring of vision that the hoop provides.  And then. Because of the way this cloth was formed, a lot of refining needs to be done and the elements are very different in density (since I did not create them myself)  And now since I have been using a hoop, I am a bit more familiar with the feel of it. I imagine  the potential use it might hold for me in this year where the scale of my work is changing.

This one I found  somewhere. It's plastic and quite ugly really but it's been ok now and then. But to fully integrate the elements of this cloth I call HOME,  this big cloth, I need a bigger hoop.

On a whim, I put up a note on Facebook looking for a used quilting hoop and stand, and poof,  Deanna  offered to give me hers, because it is not in use anymore.  Deanna is always very generous.  I am grateful.



Baskets and spring

Today. Today one room that is not heated for the winter was warm enough not to be heated. At least for a while.  It was like a gift,  this small change in season.

97 - The Grounding

On this day

March 10th 2014

I saved the earth element for the other side.  There will be rings of stones.  I chose naturally dyed silk (will talk more about that later)  which has hardly added any weight or thickness to the cloth.  It has stabilized.  Everything.  There is a new natural calm.  I spent a day basting with pins and thread. Readying the cloth for a light quilting treatment after " the hoop" arrives.  Once it is all held together, I will begin the final layer of story.  More quilting.  And then the binding.  I don't always add bindings. But I like the sense of safety a traditional edge might invite.

I hope to celebrate Mom's birthday, April 2, with the final stitches on this cloth.  She would have liked that.