100 - Breath
102 - In it

101 - Inside Out

On this day

March 15th 2104

Thoughts about sides.

Night stitchingI stitched well into the night.  I'm not really a night person.  The man is. Not me.  Maybe because I really feel out of sorts sleeping and waking when it is light out.  Out of my element.  Inside out in a way. When I sew at night, it's different.  I'm not as sure.



Inside out

This morning was warm.  Today will be warmer still.  As the season changes Soul-o spends more time at the window.  Of course the bird-feeder draws attention.  But I sense a longing.  One that I never felt before with a cat.  Perhaps I feel the connection with the outside. There is still so much wildness in this one.  There is so much less fear in the window gazing.  As if there is a memory of comfort  that goes beyond nice and warm.

From the other side

I snapped this shot from under the hoop. I really love the picture. This ring of vision. The contrast and comfort of the other side. It is a kind of hiding place. Yet someplace raw, that another might not feel as close to.

The cloth has two sides. They all do. We all do.  Just thinking about that. What it means to feel inside out.