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136 - Little things

On this day

 April 7th 2015

Catching the Small Thought


Because I can.

Because it is a habit.

Because little things are practice for bigger things and I want to add a ring of these to the big cloth I call Home. To me they are a form of reassurance. And a way to use some of the colors I don't usually use.  Jelly Beans are like that.  

And it will help me.  Move on from some small sadnesses that crept in while I wasn't paying attention. And sharing what helps me might help others.

Jelly bean path

And on this day

April 9th 2015

Magic Beans

Silly me. I had forgotten the black and white ones. My personal rainbow would not be complete without them.

Magic beans

Magic Beans

I am thinking these beans should just meander through the cloth we call Home. On both sides.  That I might stitch them without planning where they go.  Just go.  Starting somewhere on one edge and wander through till I hit another.  Not looking at it from a compositional stand point. Not at all.

I wonder how long it will take?