153 - Rock Shadow Cloth
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154 - New Eyes

On this day

 May3rd 2015

Seeing Through

Last night there was not much sleep.

But I am not tired.

I took some pictures of the moon through the trees. And even though I couldn't get the camera setting right, I liked them.  Like ragged holes in the sky.

Holes in the sky

Hole in the earth cloth

They reminded me of these. Holes in the earth.

Which on this cloth are also holes in the sky.

Hole in the sky

Ring of vision

This morning the cloth we call home was a curtain. Hanging between me and the bright morning sun. Useful. Shielding me. But at the same time filtering through the cloth to help me complete this Ring of Vision.

It is interesting to be mending the cloth with holes. New eyes. Space. Less.