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April 30th 2014

The giftI have posted about Wendy's work before. It was Wendy Golden-Levitt and her work with children, and really the children themselves that inspired me to begin the Magic Feather Project.  For some time leading up to it all, cloths were sent  by myself and others, to that place where the children heal.  Magic seemed to happen.  I, along with other makers,  received this thank you note, in the form of a book. I have spent much time quietly looking, reading, imagining quiet voices and hands and cloth. And heart.  Listening to the wisdom in the healing words of these children. (The honesty might bring you to your knees) Holding it all, wondering what to say.  I have no words really.  What could I say that could add to this?  Instead I have been stitching it all into the cloth I call Home which will soon fly away, carrying love and hope from around the globe, to be part of this beautiful process.

Some old posts here, here and here, if you missed them.  And the links to Hand Eye Magazine, sorry, that place has become a bit too weird for me lately.  Or should I say slick, not much like the home it was at all, still Wendy's article is great...Real. Like this gift.  If you would like to contact Wendy to find out more about her work or anything else, I can share her email with you.

To Wendy and all you Beautiful Children, my pockets are full. My heart overflows.


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