117 - Becoming Wise
119- Connection

118 - Secure

On this day

 June 4th 2104

Not lost in space then...

The cloth WE call Home,  there is still lots of space.  Although my approach has changed, early on I identified that as a clear need.  And with all the fullness of this cloth,  there are still those open places.  I rested in those yesterday.   Enjoyed being held there.  Realizing  that emptiness  is an interesting illusion.

Floating in space



Feather mending

I have begun to develop an idea, which started here.

To hold secure some of the emptiness.

A kind of shaped mending that spans edges.  Still with a sense of through. Less confining. This time feather like.  And as I do this I am thinking about space and composition and how to consider composition as filling and dividing space. Simply that. And I think back to many other days of thinking about that . And look forward to the possibility of more.  Because really this is about holding space.  Like a basket does.  Once considered, space is no longer empty.  It is a place. Because I am there.

Not lost in space then, but  carried by it.