149 - Going along
151 - Quilting

150 - Turning a corner

On this day

 April 24th 2015

Hard to believe, maybe, that I am still stitching so much on this cloth but feeling at the same time that it is really done. I think that is because the  uncertainty is over.  Now things are just falling into place. As if I dreamed it and I have awoken to a clear day and I am just remembering a story. Not making one up.

I am refining the Four Corners.

Corner work

I am also noticing the weight of the cloth. The more I add, the lighter it seems to become.  I think the silk base on the earth side did that. As I quilt through, the silk has a strange effect on the drape and feel as it joins with the rest of the cloth layers.  I get the impression it becomes thinner as I go. It UnDoes a kind of heaviness that has lingered through winter. In this way it is kind.

We almost had a freeze last night.

More feathers will be added to the jagged edges on this side. I may have to cut some from their backing to fit them together. Bring them closer. In this way space again becomes important, but in a different way. Less of it.