158 - Step by Step
160 - A Long Time

159 - Moss

On this day

May 19th 2015


Our Green roof.

Moss roof

As I continue with the path sections, I begin to use some very old green velvet to fill some gaps. The same velvet I used here. At the beginning of all this.  The cloth is from Mom's old velvet jacket. She loved moss green.  I sit here and realize how long some of these scraps of cloth have been with me. How many small journeys they have taken. We have taken. We have grown old together.

I have finished placing the stones on 2 panels. The sections measure about 9 x 21. For no particular reason except they feel about right. They might be tied together. Or not. I think there will be about 6. Guessing. Like guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar...how many stones are in the basket?

Path one and two

Path continuing

Getting ready for some real going.

Space things