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158 - Step by Step

And so I , we, continue as we do.

And on this day, May 18th 2015...

Path is forming in sections.

Small Journeys are easier to handle.

Way somewhere


Bed of stones

For walking softly.


159 - Moss

On this day

May 19th 2015


Our Green roof.

Moss roof

As I continue with the path sections, I begin to use some very old green velvet to fill some gaps. The same velvet I used here. At the beginning of all this.  The cloth is from Mom's old velvet jacket. She loved moss green.  I sit here and realize how long some of these scraps of cloth have been with me. How many small journeys they have taken. We have taken. We have grown old together.

I have finished placing the stones on 2 panels. The sections measure about 9 x 21. For no particular reason except they feel about right. They might be tied together. Or not. I think there will be about 6. Guessing. Like guessing the number of jelly beans in a many stones are in the basket?

Path one and two

Path continuing

Getting ready for some real going.

Space things

160 - A Long Time

It's been a long time since I bent a needle.

That's probably because it takes a long time.


Today May 25th 2015

I realize I am a bit like this needle.

In some simple way. I sense something IN me. The part that endures. That which does not break but bends. Does not break because it bends. Remaining ever useful.

It's a been a long time since I began the cloth we call Home.

So much time has passed. One needle. I woke up thinking that maybe the witnessing of time passing is as important as the cloth itself. (The children have been watching.)  To know that it, has in itself, taken on the shape of persistence.  Which clearly , on this day, I sense, once again, is the key to new form. And how we learn.

Cloth as place

These final days with the cloth, I feel them as the most important.  The freeing of the feathers and stones from the main cloth. Being one with that will stay with me forever.  There is something special there.  I think they have become more immediate as dream catchers. Free.

How dreams bend our waking thoughts.  Give us a glimpse of the power of imagination. New eyes.

How it might continue

I look at these strings of feathers. What if I had sewn them all end to end. Would they reach around the world?  Probably not you say.  In my dreams, most definitely.   I wake up.  Yes they do.  In so many ways not yet counted.

Fringe is my symbol for continuing.

Notes to self:

Bend like a needle.

Catch your dreams.

Water the garden.

161 - Stitching the Stream of Feathers

As if a dream

May 27th 2015.

Connection is so clear here. How it expands reach.

Feathers lined up

And yes there is still stitching.

Maybe I have slowed down even more, just to make it last.

Silk lining

I am lining the streaming with silk. The gentle pull of the stitches forms a soft curve. I feel like these long narrow cloths are like the old skin shed from the serpent of days. small journeys link



It became June.

June 9th 2015.  Solstice approaches.

I said to myself.... I like to curl up like this.

Roll of feathers

Ready to unroll

And then s t r  e  t  c  h  out.

Stretching out

It's good exercise.

These ribbons of feathers will  act as ties for the large cloth we call Home.  And then who knows? I've enjoyed this final process.  Making strings of feathers.  Dreaming into them. Imagining them as representing the PieceMakers, hand to hand, reaching from here to there. Standing for hope and kindness. Ties that bind.  Strong and useful. And then light as dreams. Blowing in the wind.

I have spoken to Wendy. I will send the cloth on Solstice. She will wait for it. Welcome it. It was a warm talk, this one. Filled with knowing each other better. She brings out the love in me which sometimes gets clouded by all the crap that makes up a life.

But I guess that is just what she is good at.

Her gift.

I've been working hard to pull the story of this cloth together in some cohesive way. No small task, this was one big journey. Tangled up in a life.


You can read more about Wendy's work

in the sidebar under HEAL.



162 - It would be Nice

Yes it would be nice.

If every time we felt confused...


The explainer

The Explainer showed up.

Out of thin air.

Ready to help.

This one is in the process of appearing.

For a while now


Explainer refined