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June 2015

164- Become a vessel

 Be Useful

The Explainer, travels with the cloth we call Home.

Explaining as contianing

He is a pocket, a safe keeper, maybe for  questions or anything else that needs to rest. And he might be a traveling companion.

The explainer at home

Or he might stick close to Home.


On this day, then, I am done.  Shooting photos and preparing a site (this one) where the project might be reviewed in the order of days. Gathering the pieces of the long story has taken time. Longer than planned or imagined.

Now just getting ready to pack it up and let it go. Solstice falls on  Sunday. And so does Father's Day. And the same day is the day my mother died, already 2 years ago. How did that happen? 

Monday then.

I am truly exhausted, but in that good way. Like a long day in the garden.

Time for Curling...





165- Travel well

The Traveler and the Season

An old small cloth.

From back here...

I simply added a thread bead.  Some extra light. Yesterday. The hot steamy day that ended with the biggest rain I ever remember. The sky was surely falling I thought. But the roof didn't leak.

The traveler and the season

And today is this kind of day.  June 22nd 2105.  A cool start. Bright sun. And going resumes.

This small cloth has just been tucked in one of the pockets  of HOME. As I close the box I think pockets are like little homes.   I have been stuffing things in the pockets.  Stray feathers and stones.  Stray stuff from the studio.  Just putting things in safe places.  Just that.  Not remembering details. Just knowing they will be fine. Resting. And happy to be found. One of these days.

Ok then. 

A roll of large cloth

Pins thin

Phase 1 of the Magic Feather Project is complete. For those of you who have been following and for those of you who came late, I  compiled the story here, in this separate place, so it can make more sense.  I will continue to add updates  as I keep in contact with Wendy and here adventures in healing. I will alao be supplementing content with unpublished  photos and notes, probably directing you to new content, as it happens, through my regular blog Spirit Cloth.