26 - The crayon, the Basket and the Circle

June 14, 2012


On this day

The indigo crayonI was delighted.  After choosing crayon as my medium for marking the cloth.  Because of its simplicity and familiarity.   One of my first creative tools.   I was delighted to find  a crayola crayon with the name indigo.  I didn't remember that. Not real indigo of course, but good enough for my story.  Crayons will permanently stain a cloth.  Some of the darker  colors anyway.   It is best to leave them out in the sun for a while to soften them.   I iron the wax out later. 

The basket

The basket is  another simple useful thing.  This one is a favorite.  It measures about 21" across. From Indonesia.   I use it to  hold threads and scraps and things.  Sometimes I hang it up and look at it .   I like it because it is well made by hand and  it is a  shallow vessel.  It holds with a sense of not holding.   It creates an easy place.  A freedom keeper.  I use it  to make circles.    Not perfect circles.  Just soft rings.   It rained again last night, I love how the moisture accentuated the knots in the wood making them look like feathers.

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 I am still working with the ring and the nine patch grid  one over the other as a marking plan.  I will use the crayon. Without measuring or using any other tools, I will  mark the rest of the lines.

and basket emerges as a self symbol

And   then...                  

on this day

the Basket emerges as a self symbol, a big step in knowing myself.

Thinking back