28 - Considering Path

June 25th 2012

On this day


I am using some of the stones that have been sewn to blue or white backgrounds ( thank -you)  to mark the original inside out seam lines.   I wanted to provide a path through space to the grounding edge where most of the stones will rest.   There is an underlying crayon grid here that I will make more visible, in some way, as well.  Because a grid is a safety net.

The next ring of feathers I see as,  perhaps,  beginning a spiral.  I am considering cutting some of them roughly from their  backgrounds   to make them lighter.  But we'll see.  I could  mend the cut away parts back in in some way, but let's wait till I get there.

I have the stones and feathers numbered on the back.  I am wondering whether I should stitch the numbers on the front.   Counting is a relaxing thing.   Maybe  counting feathers  or stones instead of sheep could help you sleep.

I remember that I used to be too shy or embarrassed to to do things like this, but I think I will let it go here.  In honor of telling the children the truth.:



alternative audio link

(Counting  your Blessings by Irving Berlin, lyrics slightly altered)