39 - Understanding Wings

September 24, 2012

On this day

Finding self in learning

This  has made me sad. This.  And some recent experiences of my own have shaken my trust a bit.    This is  a  section of a piece I started a while ago.  Adapting some  shibori  techniques I learned in  Glennis's class.    In attempts to  use her teaching to  find my own way with it.   A patchwork.   Because that is what I do.   And now  just using it to illustrate  a new path.   Find your own wings folks.   Make the world a beautiful place  by adding your own story.   Don't tear what we  give apart.   We are all trying to make a living here.   But not at someone else's expense.    If you need help it is better to ask for it.    Meanwhile we  (all of you who get it) , the often shattered, will keep putting the pieces back together,  mending the holes,  making this Internet a web of kindness, because this is what we have learned to do.   Good thing.