50 - How it might become

 April 14th 2013

ON this day, diary style...


 The Magic Feather Cloth Diaries.  That is how I will think  of the story being told at this place for now.  Just the goings.  As they might happen.  At least until this first cloth I call  Home is done.    I think this will help me focus. Make it part of my everyday .  More like Home for me.  And you.

11:20 AM.  After  stitching to fill the warm side of the wingspan, it's on the table.  To tack down the  the greens that will then move into the blues.  And then black.   I pin while it is on the floor and baste on the table.  I used to baste on the floor  but since that fall on the ice this winter,  my knee and ankle can't take it.   I will hang it on the wall soon to look.   And talk to myself about it.   The new layer has given it a nice drape.  A weight.  A flow.    I kind of like  it as a tent

Look for a link to appear in the side bar soon.  A link to a place where the posts associated with this cloth in some kind of logical order.  Home for HOME, so to speak.  In case you don't come by that often.   This could get crazy.

The next day

The darker side

So I am still filling in the wing span.  I should be done with  the darker/ blue side later today.  Yes, it takes a long time to hand stitch all these pieces to the surface.  But I have stopped focusing on how long it takes.  I am enjoying it.  Because really, so much has been done in the last days.  It feels like a Cloth.