53 - How it Might Seem

May 13th 2013

The magic feather cloth  gets stitched on in the evenings, now that the days are filled with gardening.   And I have noticed how much this cloth seems like a nest  when it is at rest  on a chair or a couch.   How much fun it is to see all the feathers in my lap as I stitch.  Each way it falls  seems like a new  gathering.

ON this day

Feathers at rest

Feathers waiting

I have begun to pin the remaining feathers up on the wall today.   And there are many.   Just as I begin, I think to myself how there seems to be an endless supply of them.   The basket never seems empty.  As if they have continued to fly in while I sleep.  Maybe there are Magic Feather Elves.  Thank you all you Piece Makers.