58 - Fire

ON this day

June 5th 2013


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Then continued

On June 12th 2013

Fire as a redefinition

The burning has continued .  Now with more intention.  This fire.  Which burns inward.  It will refine the ring,  consume some of the impurities.  Cleanse the form.  I have set this ring into motion to contain a full spectrum of light.  And I might  imagine it to redefine the rainbow in some way.  That thing I play with now and then.   And how wonderful that this cloth and it's  process has begun to redefine my own sense of vision.   A true gift to others might also be one to self. The gift of self discovery.  Which makes giving a very useful thing.

Redefining ring of fire

A little doodle because I missed Wednesday.

And so, I will be away from this place for the summer, except on Feather Friday.   Leaving me time for family, digging in the dirt, travel, Diaries and  the millions of stitches needed to finish this cloth.