61 - Safe Keeping

On this day

August 2nd 2013

Unexpected company.  A bit tired.

Probably no sewing today I said to myself...

And then, Oh who am I kidding?  No excuses really.



It all fits together somehow

I continue and continue to stitch to connect all the pieces on the Magic Feather Cloth I still call Home.  Now, without much thought actually, I wander across it's vastness, mending gaps and loose ends. A million small journeys.  Not worrying what meets where.  Because it is all fitting together some how. Who would have imagined?  We did. A dream is kept safe in the imagination I guess.  The how might never be an obstacle if the sense of it is close by.

Puzzle pieces

This is an old drawing.  I once looked at it as silly. 

It seems quite profound to me today. 


Mom used to say It will all work out.  Wait. I think I get it now.