63 - The ripple effect

On this day

August 19th 2013

Home.  The  cloth that carries me further.

Circles in circles

In the morning's sideways light,  I can get a feel for how the stitch from the day before is changing the texture of the cloth.   So much changes, slowly,  with stitch. How cloth touches cloth. The feel of it.  How the pieces begin to move together.  Flow as one.

Ripple effect

The fire element  holds the center.   I have begun to add the water element as  a series of spirals and rings that act as  a connector, both for the  layers and  a surface texture.  They form a kind of ripple effect. An old sea.  I will use them  to make  the components flow together, and also as a guide to add more feathers  and the basket motif for some extra sense of holding and keeping here and there.  When many things come together, flow is very important. Very useful.  One thing into another  that still allows for going.  Just going together.  Peace.